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RED DEVIL DC5500S Variable Skimmer Pumps


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Improved Redesigned Pump
Data provided for : Skimmer Pinwheel Pump DC10000S as an example

Feature & Description:
Six Speed and RPM Adjustable
10 Minutes Feed Mode
Intelligent IC Detection System
– Automatic power-off protection when no water
– Automatic Motor protection when the rotor is blocked
– Automatic Overheat protection when the pump run adnormal
Energy Efficiency and Quite Operation
Speed Controller Included
Used in Marine Water and Fresh Water

Skimmer Pinwheel Pump DC10000S Feature

1 Six speed and RPM adjustable- can adjust your skimmer performance with difference six level from weak to strong.
2 Intelligent micro chip: prevent the pump from overheat to cause the damage.. When the pump ir running abnormal. For example, sands to be sucked inside the pump etc. It will stop to running automatic until the pump temperature recovery and the pump is back to the normal situation
3 10 Min. Feed mode can stop the skimmer for 10 minute when we feed the fish.
4 Pro and new-improved needle wheel impeller and Venturi air intake design for skimmer

5 Power transformer is included. 100-240V / 50-60 Hz is all workable and it is suitable for all country.
6 high quality polished ceramic shaft make the pump work quite.

Water outlet can be installed to different direction


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