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Solar Deep Cycle Gel Batteries


Stay powered up with an eco-friendly renewable energy GEL battery system. Our solar photovoltaic (PV) batteries are rugged, high-capacity solutions, perfect for home emergency backup systems, off-grid configurations, and other deep storage applications. Choose gel-cell batteries for all your solar PV battery needs and using the latest technology.

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6-GFM series battery is a high power product in which the GEL technology is used. The high rate discharge and cyclic ability is greatly improved, with a design life of 10 years, the 6-GFM series is the perfect high performance UPS/Solar/Inverter battery.

Main Applications

  • IDC & UPS.
  • High power or large current application scenarios.
  • Backup power for high precision device.
  • Emergency lighting, navigation lights.


  • Reduce operational cost (less site area).
  • Higher energy density and rate capability.
  • Long life design for float application, 10 years.
  • High stability and security.
  • High performance/ price ratio and low yearly operating cost.

Technical Features

  • Radiate grid design.
  • Special positive & negative paste ratio design.
  • Low internal resistance and excellent high rate discharge performance.
  • Lower self-discharge rate and better charge acceptability.
  • Exquisite craftsmanship and good coherence of internal resistance, capacity.
  • Gel Technology

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100AH, 150AH, 200AH


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