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Marine Magic – Auto Dosing Triple pump


Marine Magic Triple dosing pump is the device which design for the Balling Method for the Aquarium Hobbyist.

For the latest version MM03-C, we upgrade the unit with rechargeable batteries to keep the internal clock run. It helps while the unit in a blackout situation.

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3 inches LCD Display in blue. Very easy to Use

Has Manual Mode and Timer Mode to operate.
In Manual, you could set a continuous running (not recommended) as well as a custom single shot running.
In timer mode, every instruction could set its own start time and run time. Very flexible. Max. could dose 16 on / off per day.
Flexible dosing speed, 4-Speed dosing speed adjustable (from 0.075 ml 0.6 ml / sec.). Could adjust speed in manual mode and timer mode also. You could even dose in DROPLET.
Now with optional mini UPS to keep your doser powered up and uninterrupted throughout a power failure.

Set time to control dosing amount, very accurate.
Calibration Use second to adjust the dose about achieving calibration. Very Easy.
Each pump has 16 on / off setting and could run independently.
Dosing Instruction would be stored in RAM. No need to reset every time.
Dosing status menu, you could see the coming dosing execution info. As well as the temperature in your tank.
With Temperature sensor helps to monitor the tank water temperature.
Free replacement pump.

6 months warranty with PCB and LCD replaceable.

1 x 2M external tube
1 x Plastic Tube holder
6 x Plastic connector (Connecting internal and external tube)
3 x Check valve
1 x temperature sensor
1 x 5FT Universal adapter (with US, Australia, UK and Europe plug choice)

Production Specification

Input Power supply: 100V 240V 50/60 Hz
Output Power supply: 12V, 1A
Product Dimension: L 220 x W180 x H 45 mm
Box Dimension: L 305 x W 200 x 90 mm
Net Weight: 640 g
Gross Weight: 1100 g
Max. Flow rate: 0.5~ 0.6cc / sec
Min. Flow rate: 0.075 ~0.1cc / sec
Time Control: Hour / Min / Sec.
Continuous running: No
Motor Life: 150 ~ 200 hours.
Accurracy: – 3-5%


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