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Liquid Level FLOAT SWITCH for Auto Top Off


Level switch, for all DIY float projects, Please note that sometimes pictures might differ slightly based on different suppliers?

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Brand New Aquarium Float Valve

Brand New

Product Overview;

* 1x Aquarium Float Valve for DIY ATU* Wire this up into a DIY auto top up and your good to go

* Great for all RO systems, freshwater, and marine aquariums

Product Specifications;

* Made of fish-safe plastic, so won’t rust or degrade

* Detects drops or rises in the water level (swap the float around to change from detecting a rise or a fall in water level)

* Can be used to switch on and off a top-up pump or alarm

* Complete with nut and grommet on a 6mm thread, can be attached to a DIY holder of your choice or design

Technical Specifications;

* Max volatage = 250v DC
* Maximum load = 50w
* Max switching current = 100v
* Max switching current = 0.5A
* Max load = 1A
* Temp range = -20 t0 80
* Size = 19mm x 45mm


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