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RO Unit Addon – Di Resin – Dionizing Resin – Chamber

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Get your TDS to ZERO with this addon DiResin 4th stage filter. Comes filled with Di-Resin (Brackets not included)

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We recommend color changing resin for the fact that it will physically change colors as it gets exhausted. That allows you to monitor the consumption of the DI resin and know when to change it out. If you have a TDS meter we still recommend color changing resin as it will let you know when to monitor your TDS meter for when TDS starts creeping through the DI resin. When it comes to packaging, not just any packaging will do, we package our DI resin in vacuum sealed Mylar bags for ultimate effectiveness and shelf life.

DI Resin is necessary to reduce Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) to zero and is the last stage of an RO/DI unit. Resin is sold in economical bulk bags as well as single use pouches. The resin is designed to be used with one of our refillable DI cartridges. This refillable design saves a small fortune over proprietary sealed cartridges.

To get maximum life from your DI resin please takes the following steps

Ensure optimal operation of your RO membrane. The higher your membranes rejection rate the fewer TDS your product water will contain resulting in longer lasting resin. The best way to keep the membrane rejection rate up is to monitor and change your prefilters appropriately as well as maintain at least 50psi going into the membrane.
Ensure the resin is packed in the cartridge securely. The resin should be packed very tightly. When squeezed, there should be almost no flex to the cartridge.
The initial couple of minutes of water from your RO membrane will always be high, this is commonly referred to as TDS creep. Diverting the first few minutes of water down the drain can often greatly reduce DI resin consumption.


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