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IntelliSun Professional Full Spectrum Hydroponic LED Grow Light

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Back by Demand – Intelligent, Full spectrum, High Powered, Wireless Controllable Smart Watt Grow Light – Growth, Vegetation, Flowering Phases

Various Power Wattage Units



Key Features of Reef Aquatics IntelliSun led grow light:

Modular design:
– 135W per module
– Models of 135W, 270W, 405W, 540W, 810W (Listed as separate Items on Takealot)

Three Programmable LED channels:
– Independent channels: Growing, Vegetation +, Flowering +
– Easy auto programmable spectrum for Clone/ Grow/ Veg./ Bloom/ Fruiting phases (Must have controller for FULL CONTROLLER, , can be purchased on Takealot)

Full aluminum housing:
– Light weight, cost saving for delivery
– Anti-rust, anti-corrosion- Good heat dissipation, long life time

Ultra Light Intensity and penetration:
– 63W COB offers extreme penetration and intensity
– 5W blooming LEDs promote buds and blooming
– 3W Vegetation LEDs to enhance vegetation result
– Special lens: 105°for COB and 78°for LEDs around

Easy maintenance:
– LED module can be replaced from front side

High energy-efficiency:
– Most energy saving with wireless controller
– Cost between 40% – 70% less compared to HID

What’s in the box
LED and Required Unit Cables

Additional information


135Watt, 270Watt, 540Watt, Wireless Controller

1 review for IntelliSun Professional Full Spectrum Hydroponic LED Grow Light

  1. Dean

    Love my lights, blown away

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