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IntelliSun Full Spectrum Hydroponic LED Grow Lights

(10 customer reviews)


Professional Full Spectrum IntelliSun Hydroponic LED Grow Lights

The New IntelliSun G3+ LED Indoor Grow Lighting

Smart Intelligent, Full spectrum, High Powered, Wireless Controllable Smart Watt LED Grow Light – Growth, Vegetation, Flowering Phases

IntelliSun G3+ grow unit guarantees higher PAR emission while reducing sensibly electricity consumption and therefore saving electricity costs


The new generation of Led Lamp Full Spectrum IntelliSun G3+ grow lighting is going to become one of the most appreciated lamps for growers as they are able to guarantee higher PAR emission while reducing sensibly electricity consumption and therefore, the bill

The new IntelliSun Hyperled G3+ full spectrum indoor grow lights come furnished with an aerospace aluminium case that guarantees extreme lightness ( just1,6kg) and high-quality cooling system. The case protects from humidity and dust the various incredible technologies used to assemble this extremely valuable Led Lamp such as the new COB Matrix in the very heart of the Led and the BridgeLux all around.

The IntelliSun LED Grow Light range is designed to produce a superior yield and higher quality of vegetables and flowers all while reducing operational cost to around 1/3. You’ll use way less energy as you will not have to worry about heat or running aircon or additional cooling fans.

Grow for years without having to replace your lighting system. IntelliSun grow lights are rated at 50,000 hours of use or more.

Offers a full spectrum for all growth cycles. Providing the correct wavelengths for Growth mode & Bloom mode, the spectral blend consists of 6 different LED wavelengths at 425nm blue, 460nm blue, 630nm red, 655nm deep red,740nm infra-red, and 2700k-3000k

Ideal for large Scale commercial operations or simply your garden indoors and grow your favourite plants all year long.

Daisy chain compatible. This function helps connect several lights together to save wiring and make it a lot safer to use. Plug and play function just use the power cord we provide connect to another mars 2 series light and it works at full power. Caution: Total power through one power cord should not exceed 1000w.

Key Features of Reef Aquatics IntelliSun led grow light:

Modular design:
– 135W per module
– Models of 135W, 270W, 405W, 540W, 810W (Listed as separate Items on Takealot)

Advantages of using Indoor LED Grow Lights

  • With you save money on the electricity bill.
  • With their Full Spectrum, LED can be used during all the plant cycle
  • LED is an All in one technology:  you will not need to buy a ballast, a lamp and a lamp holder nor installing wiring.
  • LED technology last from 5 to 10 years.

Three Programmable LED channels:

– Independent channels: Growing, Vegetation +, Flowering +
– Easy auto programmable spectrum for Clone/ Grow/ Veg./ Bloom/ Fruiting phases (Must have the controller for FULL CONTROLLER, can be purchased on Takealot)
Full aluminium housing:
– Lightweight cost saving for delivery
– Anti-rust, anti-corrosion- Good heat dissipation, long lifetime

Ultra Light Intensity and penetration:

– 63W COB offers extreme penetration and intensity
– 5W blooming LEDs promote buds and blooming
– 3W Vegetation LEDs to enhance vegetation result
– Special lens: 105°for COB and 78°for LEDs around

Easy maintenance:
– The LED module can be replaced from the front side

High energy-efficiency:

– Most energy saving with wireless controller
– Cost between 40% – 70% less compared to HID
What’s in the box
IntelliSun G3+ Unit LED and Required Unit Cables

IntelliSun g3+ Grow Light Warranty

The IntelliSun g3+ Grow Light Warranty means you get a 3 year extensive warranty on every grow light that’s fulfilled right here in South Africa. Any issues with your unit will be resolved quickly and without hassle.  Buy with confidence, buy Mars-Hydro.

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135Watt, 270Watt, 540Watt, Wireless Controller

10 reviews for IntelliSun Full Spectrum Hydroponic LED Grow Lights

  1. Dave

    This product is great!

  2. G776

    colors are amazing and super powerful

  3. JunkieWC

    Very happy with these units

  4. DaneP

    just what we needed

  5. Allan

    This product is not so great.

  6. MSD !

    Just what I needed, well spent money

  7. Andy

    SuperCool product

  8. JeffG

    great service, Andre really assisted

  9. ADH

    Vgreat online Store

  10. Milly

    Needed this

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