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Reverse Osmosis Membranes – Dow Filmtec – 50/75/100 GPD


Imported from the USA, We only sell these top brand membranes.
The industry’s most reliable for home drinking water is the Filmtec reverse osmosis membrane elements
Advanced membrane technology and automated fabrication in the Filmtec reverese osmosis membrane allow these elements to deliver consistent performance for all customers

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Dow has completely redesigned all standard DOW FILMTEC residential RO elements using optimized materials of construction and our industry leading product development capabilities. The next generation design offers equivalent or superior overall performance compared to existing DOW FILMTEC standard products. Elements with flow rate equal or greater than 50 GPD now have a two leaf design improving element efficiency and water quality while maintaining the trouble-free operation you have come to expect from DOW FILMTEC elements. The new element is compatible with all element housings that have previously used DOW FILMTEC residential elements.

Insist on only the best membrane to ensure your TDS is ZERO.

Our membranes are sourced from the only DOW distributor in South Africa.

Be careful of cheap low cost membranes they don’t last



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50GPD, 75GPD, 100GD


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