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RO unit (1200 L p/day ) AquaPure Marine EXTREME


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Our very own AquaPure Marine EXTREME is a Reverse Osmosis unit specifically designed and assembled in South Africa for the use in Marine fish tank and Aquaculture applications. The AquaPure Marine EXTREME was uniquely designed by Marine hobbyists who are involved in the industrial water treatment sector. This unit is individually tested in Cape Town South Africa. AquaPure Marine EXTREME RO unit Including the following:

  • 10″ sediment filter
  • 10″ carbon block
  • Epoxy coated bracket
  • 1200 GPD Membrane pressure vessel
  • Sole 1200 LPD membrane
  • Quick connect fittings
  • Flow restrictor
  • Pipe work
  • Supplied in blank white cardboard box
  • Inline Demin filter (The deionising resin chamber comes as standard on the AquaPure Marine EXTREME unit)

An optional two pass TDS meter is fitted in line which gives a digital reading of the water quality both after the membrane and after the Ion exchange resin, this allows for a clear indication as to when the membrane or the resin has to be replaced or attended to. All replacement cartridges, fittings, membranes and ion exchange cartridges are always kept in stock.


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